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Mr. Tony C. Teal was born to the parents of Barbara Jean Boyce Teal and Cecil Jones on October 6, 1961 in Collierville (Shelby County) Tennessee. There were a total of nine children, six boys and three girls. During the year of 1998, Tony was married to his wife and has two girls and one boy.

Tony was a very special child and always had favor with God as well as the favorite child, brother, nephew, uncle, cousin and the list goes on! Coupled with being very courageous, Tony also gained his mature wisdom from his mother, who he loved dearly and his older family members. Older beyond his years, Tony was very ambitious and those in his company knew he was a go-getter.

At the age of seven, his mother taught him everything in the kitchen; at the age of thirteen, the owner of a small town Men’s Clothing Store issued him a line of credit; at fourteen, under the owners guidance, he became the youngest manager of a leading Construction Company. Eventually, the company moved out-of-town and Tony sought employment elsewhere. Always, lead by faith and favor, he interviewed with the Merrie Oldsmobile Dealership owner and was hired on the spot at the age of fifteen.

In 1975 he opened his first Food Restaurant and named it "Teal’s Soul Food" in Collierville, Tennessee. In 2002, he and his family relocated to Texas to Irving, Texas, where he opened his second restaurant, Teals Ribs & Soul Food Catering, Inc. Located off Hwy 183 and Frontage Road. Later in 2005 Tony opened his third restraint located at 4041 Wheatland Road, Suite#126, Dallas, Texas 75237.

Some of Tony Teal’s prior accomplishments include:

  • Tony was instrumental to the success for Dallas Judges, Phyllis Lister Brown, Jeff Rosenfield, William Mayser, Eda Mullins, Julia Hayes, Norris Rideous, Dominique Collins, Lisa Green, Joe Brown, and this list goes on...
  • Campaign Manager for Congressman Harold Ford, Jr.
  • 1977 Memphis, Tennessee, successful hostage negotiator with the Memphis County Sheriff¹s Department
  • 1996 Memphis, Tennessee, successful hostage negotiator with the Carruthers/Montgomery vs. Tennessee Case
  • 1981 appointed to Assistant Chief, Sheriff’s Department, Memphis, Tennessee and was Chief Edward Totten’s right hand man
  • Received recognition as a Motivational Speaker at Ft. Pillar Prison in Henning Tennessee
  • Recognition for his outstanding work with Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. at the White House Affiliation with T.V. Personality. Judge Brown and President Bill Clinton
  • Hosts the Cooking with Tony Teal Cooking Show, Chanel 52
  • Radio personality in Dallas, Texas, Heaven 97
  • Motivational Speaker at the Harambee Festival   
  • Graduated and received his High School diploma from Collierville High School, Collierville, Tennessee in 1979
  • Attends Potter’s House Church, Dallas, Texas under the leadership of Bishop T.D. Jakes

Tony Teal’s motto is "You’ve had the Rest, now try the Best – Memphis Style...Buy the Bar-b-cue and get the Bones free"!

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Tony Teal Endorsments

"I have been a friend with Tony Teal for over eight years. He is a man of high integrity, loyalty and compassion. He is a religious person who is dictated by his strong faith. Tony has many talents including humor, singing and cooking. Not only does Tony care about his family and friends but he truly cares about his community. I am blessed to have him as my friend." - Judge Jeffrey Rosenfield

"I have known Tony Teal personally for over 10 years. He’s a very caring and sharing individual. He will take time out of his busy schedule to listen and gives good advice... you might not want to hear what he has to say because he’s going to give it to you straight. He doesn’t cut corners nor sugar coat anything.... he simply tell you the truth.

He’s a member of The Potter’s House, he loves his pastor and he’s a "God" fearing man. He’s always had a vision of Dallas and want nothing but the best for this city and the people as a whole.

He sees a division of the city/people and continue to say "you know, that’s not right" and now he’s saying "you know, it’s time for a change". I’ve always told him "you got my vote" and now I’m saying "Dallas get ready, get ready, get ready... put your seatbelt on and get ready for the ride of your life". - Jackie Bryant - Owner Jackie’s Cakes and Pastries

What an impact Tony Teal has left in my life. My name is Nena Benson. I met Tony Teal about 4 years ago, and I thank God that he came into my life. The reason I say this is 2 years ago I got a charge against me that could have gotten me some time in jail for a long time. I spoke to Tony about my problem in he step in like an angel that was sent by God. The calling this man has on his life is the favor of God. He has truly been a blessing too me. Here's a man that not only got me out of Jail but, had my case dismissed! Over these 4years I have know him he has always been for the people. Always helping the community, I have seen this man in action for myself in the Courts where God has given him favor of man.

He is a well-respected man here in Dallas Texas. Tony Teal the man that I know has integrity, love and compassion for the people of Dallas and he keeps it real with the people in has a vision to make a difference. It is time for a change and I know Tony Teal has already been making a difference, not only in my life, but so with many people here.

Tony Teal the man with a plan! Thank you for your time for letting me share what Tony has done in my life. - Nena Benson Owner – Soul Food Restaurant

Here is a guy that is willing to go an extra mile for family and friends. I been knowing Tony about 30 years and in all those years, I have yet to know of or hear of him mistreating anyone. A man that let's everybody shine along beside him. Trust and believe he will try his best to be the best he can be!" - Dennis Jones Motivational Speaker, Owner - River City Night Club

I would like to offer my highest possible endorsement of your of your services... His skills are formidable. Tony Teal simplifies ideas and find the right tone... You are unparalled at singling out accurately the exact focus or theme that best captures ideas...great at discussing options for presenting his message...and no one is better at choosing the clearest, briefest written language." - Jonathon Boyce, Owner of Mr. Lockout

I have been a friend with Tony Teal for over eight years. He is a man of high integrity, loyalty and compassion. He is a religious person who is dictated by his strong faith. Tony has many talents including humor, singing and cooking. Not only does Tony care about his family and friends but he truly cares about his community. I am blessed to have him as my friend." - Judge Jeffrey Rosenfield

"Tony Teal is a great man and God is on his side...You should be too...author of book The Jewish Contribution To The Civil Rights Movememt..How Jews Help Free Blacks In America." - Robert Ashley – Author

I’ve known Tony Teal for many years. Tony in my opinion has a Christ like spirit, he's always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need, to the poor as well as to the rich. Tony is a very loyal individual not to those who know him personally but to strangers as well, he treats everybody with the most upmost respect at all times. Tony is a man of great integrity and not willing to entertain you with what you want to hear but what you need and must hear in the most positive manner. Tony Teal is truly the real deal!" - Patience Byrd, Owner - Patience Clothing Store

Tony Teal is a very unique and driven individual. Tony is one of those people that has never met a stranger and has a fantastic spirit about him that attracts the best in everyone he meets. He is also the kind of individual that is only giving and never takes for himself. Tony actually makes good things happen for misfortunate people and the good for the community he serves. You have to meet Tony in person to see for yourself. Most people only dream to be that way but Tony is the real deal!" - Steve Stepinoff President and CEO, NNW Publishing / Stepinoff & Associates


Tony Teal makes a difference in the community by listing directly to the people on an individual basis.

Tony Teal "hears" their views and does something positive about it and gets the job done.

Tony Teal is not about the money but for the peoples rights.

Tony Teal is a true peoples advocate. Tony has been involved with over 600 cases and has never lost a case. 100% wins for the people.

Tony Teal consults with God and brings prayers to the people.

Tony Teal is truly for the people and is the best choice for Dallas County Commissioner, District 3.



  Ceder Hill, Texas 75104
 423 Everest Drive